29 March 2010


With our new "no pictures until it's in" policy, there may be fewer photos to share, but you can be sure that we're super excited about anything we do show.

Case in point:

Since we never wear shoes inside, it pains us to walk across the floor in shoes, but it turns out that our shoes are sort of the least of it. The adhesive (which, like most of our paint, is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs)) is a dark maroonish color, and it has gotten all over the installed floor. It will sand out, but for now the flooring doesn't look quite as great as it should. Here's a nice, clean patch:

As a special feature, we asked the installer, Will, to put a "threshold" piece at the entry to the bunny room, which is just off of the entry and will be open most of the time. So glad we did:

If I were a more dedicated blogger, I would finish off this post with a close-up of us smiling in excitement at our new floor, but we're in no condition to be photographed, so just know that we're super excited.

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