10 March 2010

It Has That New House Smell

The drywall finished going up today. R is using a new drywall sub and was really, really pleased with their work. I'm really, really pleased that we're moving along. Tomorrow they will start taping the seams and "floating" (filling in the seams and nail indentations with drywall compound, sanding, and repeating).

This picture was taken from near the front door, looking back across the great room toward the dining area, with the kitchen to the right behind the half wall. The doorway to the left side of the picture goes to the front two bedrooms and the bathroom between them, and the hallway behind the dining area goes to the back bedroom and its bathroom. (Thanks to Lenny in Naples for suggesting that we move the patio doors to the right so the left door would fold back on the wall and not protrude into the back hall. Doing so also created the perfect space on the back porch for the grill, and we put in a gas line there to fuel it.)

Yesterday the stone mason put up a sample of our stone...but with the wrong mortar (grey):

Today he came back and did another sample with the correct mortar (buff):

That's definitely the right mortar (it will lighten a little more as it dries), although since the only stone he had to work with was yesterday's leftovers, the pattern is a little off, the pieces aren't the prettiest, and it doesn't have the stone cap at the top. Imagine the first sample with buff mortar.

I will leave you with a picture of our garage. Everyone tells us that it's huge. Our next door neighbor said he's jealous of it -- apparently garages have grown since the sixties. (The door on the left goes into the mudroom, and the open door on the right goes into the storage (and water heater) closet. There's also a closed door on the right wall, which goes out to the side yard; it will have a combination deadbolt so we won't have to take keys with us when we go out for a run.)

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