21 March 2010

Another Week...

This week the drywallers finished up. After taping and floating the seams, they primed all of the walls with white primer and then sprayed the texture (which is called "light orange peel").

Tomorrow the painters will start with their priming. Yes, there will be two layers of primer -- one under the texture, and one over. The second layer of primer will be tinted with the color of each area. After primer, the ceilings will be painted the final color (light beige, which took many, many tries and ended up being a custom formula). While the rest of the painting won't be done until May, R decided to paint the ceiling before the flooring (scheduled to start on Thursday), trim, and cabinets go in to save the trouble of protecting everything later on. (The walls would get bumped and scuffed if they were painted now, but the ceiling is mostly out of the line of fire.) I think this is another first for him; let's hope it's more successful than his "spray foam before HVAC" experiment, which didn't pan out and cost us a lot of time.

Also last week, the geothermal guys dug the trench to bring the pipes from the three holes to the house. No pictures yet, although we really should take some so we will know where to avoid during landscaping.

The utility company finally sent out their contractor to replace the utility pole in our backyard. When we put in the order to bury the lines from the pole to our house, the city apparently decided that it would be a good time to change out the old pole (I can't say I understand why). This picture shows the vehicle that's been parked in our backyard all week, as well as the two poles. They put up the new one, transfer the lines and equipment to it, and then remove the old one. I don't remember if the old pole (the one on the left) was leaning before they started working -- if so, that could be why they decided to replace it -- or if they dislodged it when they dug the hole for the new one.

Hopefully they'll finish up soon and get that weird truck out of our yard. We've started thinking about landscaping and need the space to start clearing out the piles of dirt, mulch, and branches. On a related note, this week I went to a college alumnae lunch and reconnected with a classmate who is now a landscape architect, and we may hire her to put together a landscape plan. And in other happy landscaping news, the bulbs we planted a couple of months ago have started to sprout. I can't wait until the Red Devons bloom!

Last, we locked in an interest rate for our permanent loan, and it's FANTASTIC.

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