31 March 2010

Another Surprise

I'm sure it surprises no one that I went by the house after work today to see how much more wood flooring had gone in (the front and middle bedrooms, plus the hallway to the back bedroom). I expected that the great room would be totally empty in preparation for the arrival of the cabinets tomorrow. Instead, it was packed -- because they arrived today:

Ursula and Schaefer also came over. While they drive by every day on their way to Schaefer's school, it's been forever since they've seen the interior. (They're moving to England soon, so we're trying to squeeze in all of the extra hugs that we can.)

R is itching to order plumbing fixtures, but he's also super-conscious that we're not making any selections that we're going to regret. Earlier in the day, I went to the plumbing supply shop to verify for him that the three different brands we're using in the master bathroom will look okay together. This picture technically violates the "no pictures until it's in" rule, so I won't tell you which faucet is ours (although if you've been paying attention, you can probably figure it out).

Tomorrow the cabinet installers will get started, the wood flooring should finish up by Friday, and the tile installers and trim guys are starting next week. In my estimation, it will look like a real house in a couple of weeks!

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