13 February 2010

Weekend Update

This has been another week of nothing big, but perhaps more small things than I realize.

The roofing material arrived...

... but it's been sitting in the front yard all week because the roofers are waiting on the painters. R likes to wait until the soffit/eave area is painted so that the roof won't get overspray, and it rained enough this week that the painters couldn't get started. Two guys from the painting crew were finally able to do some work today. They spent the whole day at the house -- not painting, but rather caulking all of the seams that needed to be filled in before the painting starts. Regular lap siding (the kind you see on most houses, with horizontal overlapping pieces) doesn't get caulked, but the vertical board and batten siding on the front gables and the back porch needed to be caulked to keep rain out...and all of the seams between pieces of window trim, etc., also needed to be sealed.

Each white line at each intersection between pieces is caulk.

It's no surprise that it took them all day.

Meanwhile, we spent most of the day working on the low-voltage wiring (audio, network, etc.). Today was mostly a planning and shopping day, but we did get started on some actual wiring:

In working on the wiring, I got my first glimpse at the attic space. It's going to be great to have so much (semi-conditioned) space for storage:

Last, I did some more work on the tree. Unfortunately, the tree exacted its revenge this week when a falling branch broke my pole saw...but I quickly fashioned a fix and got back to it today.

On Monday I'm meeting with another tree guy to give us an estimate for finishing the job...and hopefully this estimate will have fewer digits than the last.

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