17 February 2010

That Is NOT How the Color Looked in the Store

I drove by this morning and saw the painters at work. It looked like the house put on pantyhose. Not really the look we were going for.

Thank goodness it was just primer. This afternoon I saw the real color:

It's hard to really get a feel for the color without the trim. Not to mention the still-nude-tone columns, which will be white. There will actually be a lot of white trim breaking up the green paint. Hopefully we'll get to see that tomorrow. (On a related note, R told us that he negotiated with the painter and got us eight colors on the interior, instead of the usual five. I've been working on paint selections and was stuck at six colors, so the flexibility of eight will be great.)

The electrician also started today. R's second-in-command, R2, says that if the electrician is working on your job, they're lying to someone else about planning to be at their site. Which is better than the alternative -- saying they're going to be on your job but actually working somewhere else. Apparently they're swamped with work right now. Since the HVAC work has been waiting on the spray foam in the attic, and the spray foam has been waiting on the electrician, we've lost some time waiting for the electrician, but at least it's finally getting underway.

More little things have been going on, too. I'm not too sure how to describe the subcontractor who applies fiberglass to the shower recesses (the fiberglasser?), but he came and did that to the master and mudroom showers. In the master bathroom, the fiberglass goes up the side and onto the tub deck because the tub base is open to the back of the shower -- there won't be any glass or anything between them.

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