22 February 2010

Recycle Day

The construction recycling people came today. It was a bigger operation than I guess I expected. They separated everything in the big scrap heap -- wood, cement board, etc. -- and were chipping the wood into mulch when I was there.

It took me a while to figure out that this bin is for garbage. For the longest time I thought it was for recycling, and I couldn't understand why there was so little in it. Turns out that's the trash -- can you believe we've only made this much waste so far?!

Actually, that's probably not entirely true -- I'm sure other things have been hauled off -- but most of the extra wood was either returned to the, uh, wood store or is being mulched, and, for the size of the project, we're send remarkably little trash to the landfill (remember that we also recycled much of the house we tore down). That's a big issue in green building -- the City of Austin won't give you above a three-star rating if you don't recycle your waste (we're shooting for the top score of five).

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