25 February 2010

Progress...and Not

The roof is almost finished. The house looks a lot more complete with the roofing.

Until you go inside.

R had a grand plan to do the rough electrical and plumbing, then put the spray foam insulation in the attic, and then do the HVAC work. (Apparently spray foam makes quite a mess.) He thought he had coordinated everything with the city (since his plan diverges from the usual order of inspections). But then it fell through. So he talked with someone at the city and everything was back on. But then the inspector came out, found everything not done (as R had arranged), and it fell through again. So we're doing it the usual way, at a cost of about two weeks. Argh.

In other news, I finally found a workable tile plan for the back bathroom. We swapped the granite in the "east wing" bathrooms, so this is the one that will have the granite I wrote about here. Buying granite first makes things hard! It's a big change from the direction we had been heading, but we're satisfied that it will be the look we want. Instead of a dark, Old World look that would be a huge departure from the rest of the house, we're going to use light neutral tiles from other parts of the house. I was starting to get worried that the time would come to order tile, we would order something just because we had to, and then we'd be stuck with it forever. So it's nice to have this settled. R told us today that it would be time for tile in about two weeks, but I'm not sure if that was before the week delay. In any event, it's going to be time to order tile soon. We're meeting with the tile folks on Monday to hammer out the final details on grout, etc.

Yes, grout. Don't tell me this isn't the most fascinating blog you read.

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