04 February 2010

The Poppy is ON.

I love it when you find something you like so much, you'd pay a lot more for it than it ends up costing. (Buying the house was like that.) Somehow, the poppy door was actually one of the more reasonably priced of the doors we considered. Since there's no matching transom or sidelights, we still have to figure out what kind of glass configuration to use in the sidelights and transom, which will surely compensate for the price of the door, but that's okay.

Things are starting to move along inside. It looks like the plumbers finished the rough work today...and then cleaned up with a nice bath.

The laundry plumbing is kind of neat. There's actually a lot to it. The silver box along the floor is a DryerBox, which makes it really easy to attach the dryer to the vent pipe (which goes out through the foundation) and also push the dryer all the way back against the wall. Note the recess in the foundation in case of leaks (instead of the typical plastic pan that would barely hold any water).

The framing crew put in the tongue-and-groove ceiling on the screened porch yesterday:

It's the closest room to complete -- it's pretty much just missing paint, screens, lights/fans, and (out of the picture) the screen door to outside:

Last, the bunny room door frame went in. It was nice when it was totally open to the great room; now there's "just" a four-foot opening for the two (glass) pocket doors. It'll still be nice to have Millie and Dash so close to the action.

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