23 February 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

A rarity in Austin:

It managed to stay just above freezing all day, so it's a minor miracle that any of the snow stuck, but overnight it may freeze...before getting back up into the 50s tomorrow.

While no roofing work was done today, the electrician and plumber finished up some odds and ends, including installing the main service panel (not really an odd or end, I suppose):

R is planning for inspections tomorrow, foam insulation in the attic Thursday, and HVAC on Friday -- which probably means the cellulose insulation will go in the walls next week, and then drywall! It's going to be another long weekend running wire....

Today R also brought us the cabinet finish samples -- which turned out a little darker than we wanted. And because he's a full-service builder, while he was at the cabinet shop, R also picked up our coffee table so we wouldn't have to drive all the way down there (he knows we're not fans of long drives, especially to places that don't have weekend hours). We got new cabinet drawings and a new quote yesterday, so we worked on (what we hope are) the final changes so that they can start building the cabinets. R also brought us mortar samples for the stone on the exterior and the fireplace. And we continue to make progress toward lighting and door hardware selections, as well as paint colors.

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