03 January 2010

View from the Master Bedroom

The other day I posted a picture of the master bedroom from the back of the lot, which triggered a question about the view out the master bedroom window.

Here it is, beginning at the left (where the screened porch will partially block the view of the backyard):

It needs some work. But the yard looks huge! (It is a good size, but I don't think it's quite as big as it looks in these pictures.)

In other news, we went to an open house today at a beautiful Arts and Crafts style house just south of us. It had a pretty large master closet, which (when we measured) turned out to be within an inch or two of our closet in both dimensions.

You may recall that the closet got about three feet longer when we decided to put in the geothermal heat pump (because we no longer needed the cutout for the outdoor AC unit). It's a really long, not terribly wide closet, so we really like how the closet at the house we saw today had hanging rods along one side and shelves along the other to keep the hanging clothes from making the corridor down the center too narrow. We'll probably do the same, although we would like to put something along the back so that isn't wasted space.

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