10 January 2010

It's Like a Real Winter Around Here

It was unbelievably cold last week (for Texas, I mean), and one day was even so windy that no work could be done, so it was a pretty slow week. On Friday, the roof decking started going up. (Decking is the layer of plywood that goes under the finished roof material. Once a house is finished, you pretty much only see the decking from inside the attic. Our house is an exception because the rafters will be exposed instead of being enclosed within soffits.)

Two types of decking are being used, as you can see in this shot of the garage roof.

While the main areas (which you can see only from inside the attic) will have plain old wood decking, the edges are being decked with a product called T-111 (plywood with grooves cut into one side) that will make the eaves look like tongue and groove planks.

For a fancier look at the areas where we'll be spending time, the porch ceilings will be honest-to-goodness tongue and groove planks:

This is one of those things made it impossible to compare R's bid with the others. Although R's was about 10% more, he added touches like this that he is used to incorporating into his much more upscale jobs. It's almost as though he doesn't know any other way. (He does, of course, but he won't stand for anything that doesn't meet his quality standards, and he's pretty picky about aesthetics.) One of the other builders we considered suggested T-111 on the porches, but R took it a step further when he included real tongue and groove planks on the porches and T-111 on the less conspicuous eave areas.

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