05 January 2010

Trusses, Part 2

The last trusses went up today. I thought it would start to look like the rendering once the framework was in place; instead, it looks like a dinosaur skeleton.

It's hard to get good pictures of the house in the afternoon because of the angle of the sun and the work trucks parked in front of the house.

They also put in the attic flooring today. The trusses were designed to allow about 300 square feet of open storage space in the attic over the house. There's a smaller storage area in the attic above the garage, but that area won't be as climate-controlled. (As you may recall, the attic insulation will be along the roof, instead of along the attic floor, so that the air conditioning equipment and ducts don't have to pump cool air through a hot attic, and vice versa in the winter. That space will stay within about ten degrees of the house temperature, but the garage attic, which will be closed off from the rest of the attic, will get HOT in the summer.)

Other things going on at the house today include crane repair:

And a porta-potty swap-out:

A big day indeed!

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