01 January 2010


After a lazy morning in our PJs, we spent the afternoon doing chores at the house. I worked on my compost, trimmed some trees, and measured the back porch for patio furniture (which plays a role in determining where to put the gas line for the grill); Steve started scoping out how he would do the network and speaker wiring. The neighbors must think we're pretty weird to be hanging out at a skeleton of a house, but it was a beautiful day and it was really nice to be out there.

We also just spent some time getting a sense of the size of rooms and how spaces relate to each other. It's very different in three dimensions. In this picture, taken from the back of the lot, Steve is standing in the window of the master bedroom. We planned for a big three-part window (double-hung windows on either side of a picture window), but I had no idea it would be this big. I also hadn't considered that the screened porch on one side would block the view out that side. I'm sure it'll be lovely, but this is one of the things that I'd do differently if I were building the same house again. I guess we'll have to focus on nice landscaping out that window.

Rewinding to yesterday, Steve had the day off, so he spent a while watching the framing. He's a crane enthusiast, so it was really exciting for him to watch them use the crane to lift up the walls (which they built lying flat).

This is the floor of the master bathroom. It was pretty windy the day they poured the foundation, so a bunch of leaves ended up in the finished surface. I love the way it looks -- like fossils. It makes me want to keep the concrete floor in the bathroom (but we won't).

We had our first appointment at the lighting shop yesterday. We really like our guy, Mark, and it was very productive. After going through the electrical plan to see what is currently drawn in and what we might want to change, he sent us home with some light reading.

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