18 January 2010

Spent More Money Today

That could be the subject of pretty much any post I've ever written....

Today was a holiday for me (but not for Steve). I started the day at the granite yard, hoping to find a solid surface material that looks like stone for the master bathroom. Our previous choice turned out to be too expensive because we were going to have to buy a 45 square foot slab for our 19 square foot job. We ended up finding a remnant very similar to what we wanted, from where someone else apparently bought a 45 square foot slab for about a 19 square foot job, leaving more than enough for our counter at a pretty steep discount. (This also put us in pretty good shape to find a much less expensive tile for the master bathroom, so it was a good change all around.)

While I was there, I also had them pull out the remnant of Carrara marble that I had bought a while back, sight unseen. I had wanted Carrara and found a piece that looked big enough, so we bought it based on what I could see of the underside poking out between other remnants. Today I wanted to measure it to see if we had enough for the front bathroom instead of the back (guest) bathroom, so they dug it out of the stack. What we found was a major crack, but they agreed to substitute a piece from their current stock. And since the piece we had paid for turned out to be just big enough to work in the other bathroom, a huge design dilemma we'd been trying to figure out for the last couple of months was finally solved! (More on that on another day, when there's less on the current events front.)

After the granite yard, I headed to the house to meet the security company (whose name is, confusingly, Granite). We had gotten a bid for them to install the security system, but it was so much that Steve decided he would do the wiring himself, until we learned from another electrical engineer who did his own wiring that it's not worth the effort. (We're doing the phone, internet, cable, and speaker wiring, but security is best left to the professionals.)

Then Steve and I had lunch (Tex-Mex around the corner from the house) before he went back to work and I headed to the lighting shop to get some pricing on the first of our lighting selections (and, as it turned out, to make an appointment to meet our lighting guy at the house on Friday to walk through some of our decisions). Then I went to the tile shop (I was last there three days ago) to revisit some of our options in light of the new granite selections.

Then I was home for about an hour, while I waited for the workers to finish up so I could go back with my ladder and my (borrowed) saw-on-a-stick to put in some more time on the neighbor's tree that reaches out over the back bedroom. The second biggest branch in the pictures below, which spans the length of the pictures, is actually behind the house and wouldn't land on the house if it fell, so I'm not worried about it (plus it might provide some nice shade in the summer). The biggest branch, which goes diagonally toward the top left, is what I'd like to remove completely. Here is the tree (above the back bedroom) on Friday, before I started:

Yesterday, after I had finished the first round of cuts (mostly getting used to my equipment):

And this evening after I had finished round 2:

Out of concern for my loved ones, I won't say how far above the ground I was when I did this, but you should know that I exercised great caution. Tonight we ordered a much longer saw-on-a-stick so we can reach a lot higher (without actually having to be any higher).

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