11 January 2010

Some Unexpected Surprises

The roof decking is almost finished.

While I was at the house today, two cars drove up. One was my friend Ursula with little Schaefer. It was fun to show them around. Schaefer seemed pretty interested in all of the construction -- as Ursula said, he knows all about it from the books they've read.

The other interesting car belonged to a super-fancy architect who is pretty much the local expert on green design. (We'll call him P.) R had invited him to check out our SIS (that blue sheathing) that I guess they're thinking about using on an upcoming project. I talked with P at the beginning of our process, and it quickly became clear that we were not meant to work together. I don't think P remembered me, but it was surreal to have him at our house to learn about green products.

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