28 January 2010

Not Much Going On This Week

This has been a slow week. The electrical work started (sort of), and some of the ducting went in for the bath exhaust fans (see the silvery tube in the middle of the picture), but not much else.

Today the master window arrived. It's a huge three-piecer made of a picture window between two large double-hung windows:

And the bathtubs arrived:

The master bathtub is in this box. It's HUGE. 5.5'x3.5', I think.

The highlight of this week is that we found a tile that should work really well in the master. We took it to the granite yard and compared it to our Zodiaq, and it's a match!

Last, R told us about a framing issue that is going to involve tearing out a bunch of the front porch. It's not structural, and I don't think it's necessary, but he feels strongly that it should be redone. The only part that I agree needs to be done is that one of the window openings in the picture below needs to be recentered between the columns (which were moved slightly when we decided to shrink them by 3").

Because we started construction two weeks ahead of schedule, we're still technically on track, but I hope we don't have another week like this.

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