09 January 2010

The Master Bathroom

I've been having so much fun with the lighting. Plumbing fixtures are still a challenge, especially in the master bathroom, where we're mixing in more modern elements than anywhere else in the house. We like more squarish shower components, which coordinate nicely with our chosen sink:

The challenge is making them work with this faucet, which has a much more old-fashioned feel:

And we found this very Zen bench at Bed Bath and Beyond that we might incorporate into the bathroom (we bought it for the mudroom as a putting-on-shoes bench, but it may be a tiny bit too wide, and we like it for the master bath, too):

We have a definite vision for the tile on the floors/walls (although we're still trying to track down just the right tile):

And limestone-looking Silestone for the counter:

I expected the lighting to be just as tricky as the plumbing fixtures, but it wasn't! We found these for above the sinks and love the combination of round and angular elements:

And this for over the bath/shower area:

(We've nicknamed it "the cupcake.")

And we're back to the Arts and Crafts levers throughout, so that's what will be in the master bathroom, too:

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