13 January 2010

Spot the Differences

The first picture was taken at noon today; the second was taken at the end of the day. Look closely (you'll probably want to click on the pictures to zoom). What's different?


Apart from Steve having gone back to work (and the workers having gone home), there are the following differences: (1) they installed the front door frame (with sidelights and a transom -- or placeholders for sidelights and a transom) and most of the windows. (2) They also took down the column framing they had installed at the left end of the porch last week. The framing foreman thought they looked too big, so he framed one up early so we could make a decision. R agreed with him and modified the drawings to show a 21" wide column instead of 24". We decided to go with the 21" columns, which will be framed another day. And (3) the first two pieces of siding are up to the left of the front door (you get extra credit if you spotted that one). Here's a close-up of the front porch area:

More windows and siding went up today on the side of the house:

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