02 January 2010

The Bunny Room, Part 2

The lighting catalogs have been really fun to look through. We started with the skinniest ones (the 500-pagers still seem daunting) and have found lots of great options, but so far just one that we immediately knew was THE ONE for a particular space.

This fixture is perfect for the bunny room:
It goes nicely with this piece of wall art that we've had our eyes on since we saw it in (don't laugh) SkyMall on our way to Hawaii:
And these curtains we bought a few months ago:
If you're thinking this is a little much for the bunny room, you should know that most of the lighting will be recessed lights (we aren't even putting a hanging light in the dining room so we won't be stuck centering the dining table in one place), and the rooms that do have hanging lights mostly have fan/light combos. There will be just a few special fixtures, and the bunny room is one of them. Plus the bunny room is right off of the great room and will have glass doors, so it's a very visible space. And they're great bunnies and deserve a nice room.