08 December 2009

Wish I Had My Camera

I went by the house today after 5 pm and found at least six workers dutifully digging trenches for the foundation beams! In the cold! (I mean, cold for Texas.) And it was almost dark!

We passed the plumbing rough-in inspection today, but we failed the sewer line inspection due to some kind of issue related to the elevation of the sewer line versus the manhole. That can be fixed anytime before the house is complete, though, and isn't important for the "critical path" to pouring the foundation. I haven't heard anything definitive, but I'd guess the foundation could be poured by next week. They just need to finish digging the trenches, put down the black plastic over the dirt, and set the rebar. Plus pass a few more inspections.

Having a job sure is a bummer right now. If it weren't for, you know, gainful employment, I'd be out there watching all day every day. It's probably for the best that I have a job.

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