17 December 2009


Had to post a second one today.

The slab is going in tomorrow (Friday).

In preparation for that, R had Termi-Mesh installed today. This is a metal mesh barrier (which you can see just below the yellow tape) that goes around all of the pipes that will penetrate the slab (cinched with a metal clamp) so that, when the concrete is poured, there are no gaps where termites could sneak through. (Did you know that most termites enter houses through the tiny gaps around plumbing that penetrates the slab, not through landscaping touching the house or anything else?)

Termi-mesh is considered a green feature because it reduces the need for poisonous termite treatments that could pollute the ground and/or water. (The bottom few feet of the framing will also be treated with borate -- which I understand is a natural treatment, not harmful like pesticides are.)

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