19 December 2009

So Many Title Possibilities

This post could be titled "Don't Wear Cashmere to a Foundation Pour." Or "My Green House is Hemorrhaging Water." Or (this one is courtesy of Steve) "The House Looks More Complete with a Foundation."

Everything went pretty smoothly with the foundation yesterday. They started around 9 am and finished up around 7, then returned today to remove the forms. I took a long lunch to watch some of the work. When I left around 1:30, one of the workers had just noticed a slow but steady trickle of water coming up from the road in front of the house. R called the city to report what appeared to be a water main leak. While the construction didn't cause it, it's likely that the concrete truck put just enough pressure on the asphalt to cause the ground under the road to flex just enough to lead to a leak. Anyway, by the time we returned after work, a pretty fast-moving stream was erupting from our curb. We stayed for about an hour to watch the city's crew dig up the pipe and repair it with what looked like an industrial-strength bandage. Very exciting.

Today we went to a tiny town about an hour north of Austin to visit some stone yards. R needs our exterior paint colors soon, and in order to choose them, we need to figure out the color of the stone. We settled on a stone called Antique Lueders, from the tiny town of Lueders, Texas (about 250 miles from Austin). The stones will be cut fairly square in heights of 4", 6", and 8" and laid in a random pattern. R gave us some Hardi-Plank siding yesterday, and we picked up some sample paint to make a sample board to look at with the stone. Steve didn't like the shade of green I had picked out (Coastal Plain), so today we bought another sample (halfway between Coastal Plain and Privileged Green) and will see how that looks with the stone samples we brought home. (We both liked the white trim color, Panda White, which I'll admit I picked out in part due to the name.)

Pictures soon.

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