16 December 2009

Selection Fatigue

The fun thing about designing and building our own house is that we get to choose everything.

The bad thing about designing and building our own house is that we have to choose EVERYTHING.

Many details, such as the faucets and paint colors, were not decided in the plans or our contract. Instead, allowances were built into the price to allow a certain amount for plumbing fixtures. Other selections, such as paint color, don't vary by price, so we'll just decide those when the time comes.

Apparently the time has come.

Our first selections were due before construction started. We took care of those without any problem before we left. The windows were in the second set of selections, which were due while we were away, but we're using windows with a shorter lead time, so R didn't need to order them until this week. No problem, though, because we had already told him which hardware and exterior color options we wanted. But then, this morning, he asked what hinge and handle colors we wanted on the French doors leading out to the patio (choices we didn't realize we had to make). Also, because we had just decided to reduce the height of the front door from 8' to 6'8" and added a transom above, I wanted to do the same to the patio doors...but that led to a question about modifying the height of the nearby kitchen window...and while we're rethinking windows, how about slightly changing one of the windows in the master bathroom so that the shower tile would work like this instead of that.... (It's aggravating to have to revisit decisions we thought we had already made, but we're so thankful to R for thinking ahead and raising these issues that we wouldn't realize on our own until too late.)

And that wasn't actually in the current batch of selections. The current list is as follows:
  • appliances
  • cook top/ventilation specs
  • countertops
  • exterior accent items
  • exterior colors
  • front door lockset
  • front door stain
  • plumbing fixtures
  • tub/shower fixtures
  • recessed lights
My general response upon checking this list last night was "ALREADY?!" I mean seriously, exterior colors?! There's no exterior yet! We've been working on the front door but haven't settled on the exact one, much less the locks and stain color. This is just TOO MUCH. I'm exhausted from all of the deciding.

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