22 December 2009

The Other Side of Foundation Day

The trickle that we saw coming from the road around 1:30 p.m. on Friday had become a swiftly moving stream by 6, when the Austin Water Utility folks arrived to fix it. The irony of our super-efficient house causing the street to hemorrhage water wasn't lost on us.

Our neighbors are going to LOVE us for getting the water to the whole block turned off without any notice or explanation. I sure hope no one was in the shower with shampoo in their hair when it was turned off.

Two neighbors came out to watch for a little while. How does everyone not find this fascinating?

By the time they reached the pipe, it was a pretty big hole. Of course, the equipment used to dig the hole could have made it bigger. We'll never know. The white inside the pipe is 50+ years of calcium buildup, which the workers said isn't nearly as bad as it is in parts of town that are closer to 100 years old.

When they finally got all of the water out of the hole (using a vacuum that's surely known in the business as a "water sucker"), they put this big metal bandage on the pipe.

That's now the strongest part of our water main. I suppose we can look forward to other cracks and holes in the neighborhood in the coming years. I just hope I'm not in the shower with shampoo in my hair when it happens.

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