11 December 2009

Anything But the House

Turns out it was kind of nice to be 4,000 miles away, where we could let R deal with everything house-related and just get updates and photos. While it's been really fun to see the progress this week, we've also had to deal with the anxiety of failed inspections (maybe plumbers shouldn't work in the dark?) and our back neighbor, who removed our fence and started the new one while we were away and hasn't turned out to be as wonderful as the other neighbors we've met.

So...pictures from our trip!

This is my grandmother, the night before we left Hawaii. (We call her "Tutu," which is the Hawaiian word for "grandmother.")

These guys are no relation. We saw tons of them while scuba diving.

This was a very special, unexpected treat. While heading back toward the harbor after our last dive on Kauai, the captain spotted a pod of dolphins, so we stayed out a little longer to see them. There were probably 50 of them! They seemed to love surfing along with us, at the bow of the boat.

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