25 December 2009

Next Up...Plumbing

We went to the door hardware/plumbing fixture/appliance shop yesterday and went over lots and lots of selections. We're kind of in a holding pattern on the door hardware while we wait for them to get some samples in for us to see and touch (although we did run into the Emtek Arts and Crafts front door set in the wild today -- quite nice). We spent a lot of time on plumbing because there are SO MANY CHOICES to make in each bathroom.

The master is especially difficult since the bathtub and shower are separate. We have to choose two sinks, two sink faucets, a toilet, a bathtub, a bath faucet, a bath handle thingie, two shower faucets, and two shower handle thingies. The master is going to be the most modern room in the house, so the style is somewhat different, but we don't want it to look like it's from a totally different house, so we're walking a fine line. But I think we figured it out.

We haven't found the exact tile yet, but we have in mind a large limestone tile for the floor, shower walls, and tub platform/surround, like this:

To keep it consistent but have a surface that's easier to clean for the counter, we're thinking about this Silestone in a "leathered" finish (this is the only counter we haven't already bought):

As I've mentioned before, we fell in love with this very wide sink (the Kohler Escale):

Each sink will have this faucet (Price Pfister Ashfield) in satin nickel:

The shower will have Delta Dryden thermostatic controls (which means that there are separate levers to control the temperature and the water pressure, so you can set your temperature once and not have to mess with it again the next time you use it) and this version of the showerhead, also in satin nickel:

However, we don't like the Dryden bath spout (too cartoonish). We aren't wild about this one (the Brizo Vesi) but have it as a fallback in case we can't find anything we like better:
The toilet, which will be in its own room, will be the same as the other toilets in the house: the Sterling Karsten (a Kohler brand). It's low-flow and dual flush, so it's very water-efficient (like most of the other fixtures). I trust you know what a toilet looks like, so I will not bother with a picture.

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