15 December 2009

It's All About ME

Building a custom home can feel pretty narcissistic. Not only is it designed to meet my every desire (well, every desire we could afford to incorporate), but it's being built by many, many people who are there because WE hired them (or the people WE hired hired them, etc.). Everything they do all day is ultimately directed by our whims. (On the other hand, we are pumping heaps of money into the economy. We're pretty much an economic stimulus project, which feels sort of altruisti -- nope, back to that feeling of narcissism.)

For instance, here is our mudroom.

I know I've written about the mudroom before, but it's just so darn exciting to see it take shape. This is the view from the master bedroom, looking toward the front of the house (beyond the mudroom is the garage). The bunch of pipes sticking up in the middle of the picture is the plumbing for the washing machine. The metal box around the base of those pipes delineates where the foundation will be recessed under the washer and part of the dryer in case of an overflow. (There is also a drain in the recess.) To the left of that bunch of plumbing is the mudroom shower, also with a wooden frame where it will be recessed. Even farther to the left is the plumbing for the toilet in the powder room off of the mudroom. The sink across from the toilet is out of the picture. If you're thinking that was an awful lot of description about something that can't yet even be called a shell of a space, well, I guess I got wrapped up in the excitement of a room designed and (being) built JUST FOR ME (and Steve, of course).

But all of this is really just a lead-in to the Red Devons.

I just bought about 100 Red Devon daffodil bulbs. If you have a regular name, you can't possibly understand how exciting it is to find something with your weird name on it. I couldn't pass this up. I may go back and buy more. They're on clearance at Lowe's, and in Austin there's still time to plant them for spring. I'm going to try them under some trees at the new house and also in our front beds at the temporary house.

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