10 December 2009

Had My Camera

Construction is moving along. All of the sewer lines and plumbing vents are in (all of the white pipes in the picture), and the plastic sheets are down in preparation for concrete. These pictures are from this morning; when I went by at 6 this evening, the plumbers were working in the dark. (Don't make fun of me for going to the house twice today. You go to your house at least twice most days, sometimes more.) I think Christmas in a down economy is a great motivator for construction workers to work long hours. The main area you see in the foreground of the picture is the garage.

The picture below was taken from the backyard. The two aqua pipes are for the downdraft range. (The one in the background is where the range actually will be; the one in the foreground is where it exhausts outside under the porch.) Steve wanted to put the range on an island and didn't want to block the view to the dining room with a big vent hood, so he found a Jenn-Air range with a vent in the center that sucks the exhaust down and out through the foundation.

I just figured out why the plumbers were working so late today -- they've called in another inspection for tomorrow. After that, I think the next step is rebar, then some more inspections, and then concrete, which we really hope goes in before Christmas. There's a chance of rain tomorrow and again on Monday, but if the inspection passes tomorrow, I wonder if there might be Saturday work again this week.

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