30 December 2009

Framing, Take Two

It was still pretty soggy this morning, but it was no longer raining, and the mulch kept the ground from becoming a mud pit, so LOTS was accomplished today:

One of the framing guys told me that he expects to finish up the walls tomorrow. He also said that the roof trusses are being delivered Monday morning and will all be in place by Tuesday. Then there's sheathing, siding, trim, and then exterior paint.

On the subject of paint, I think we're beginning to understand why R requires selections so far in advance. It's because he's used to clients way fancier than us, who want unusual options that have far-ranging implications. For instance, the paint is only an issue to the extent that, if we were going to stain the eaves, trim, etc., that would have to be done before the boards are put up. Since we're painting everything, that preliminary stage is just primer. Likewise, things like obscure special-order hardware or imported tile would need to be ordered extra-early. We're looking forward to the day when he realizes we're not nearly that fancy and he adjusts his selection schedule accordingly.

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  1. Very exciting! It must be a thrill to go over to your lot and see the progress that's been made! I am sooo happy for you guys!