29 December 2009

Framing False Start

Yesterday, a tree company known locally for slaughtering trees dropped off a bunch of mulch (wonder where they got it...). R likes to spread mulch around the house so things don't get muddy. Just in time, too, because today was a pretty soggy day.

Fortunately, the mulch arrived before the framing lumber yesterday, so they got it spread under the lumber, too. This morning, before the rain chased the workers away, they made some sawhorses and redistributed some of the lumber.

Here are some of the LSL (laminated strand lumber) beams that will be used as window and door headers (for scale, you can see the size of the 2x4s they're sitting on). LSLs are engineered wood designed to be considerably stronger than regular wood. Plus they're recycled, in a sense, from wood chips left behind from other things.

Looks like they had just started laying out walls when the rain chased them away.

Tomorrow should be nicer. We're going to the symphony, though, so I may not get a chance to post new pictures.

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