23 December 2009

Doors and Door Hardware

I take back what I wrote the other day about having selection fatigue.

Now I have selection fatigue.

It feels like I've done nothing in the last week but research selection options (both online and in person), compare options, talk with people about options, contemplate how certain options will look with other options,....


And, apart from ruling out options (out of an infinite world of options), I don't feel like I've gotten too far.

One area in which we have narrowed our choices is door hardware. This is a little backward (like everything else seems to be) in that we're not quite settled on the doors yet.

For the front door, we'd like something like this, with matching sidelights and transom (stained to match the cabinets in the kitchen and great room, which will be stained to match our coffee table):

On the interior door front, we've been searching for a couple of months for a nice solid core, single-panel Shaker-style door, to no avail (we know of one brand, but apparently it's so expensive, R won't even suggest that we consider it -- and I couldn't even find a picture of it on the manufacturer's website to show here).

Now that you have an idea of the doors, here is where we started on the door hardware (locks). We had Kwikset at the condo, which offers really terrific features (such as the ability to rekey the locks yourself with nothing but a new key and a tool that comes with the locks). But the style we had in the condo wouldn't be right in a Craftsman house, so we thought about this Kwikset Ashfield style (in a satin nickel finish):

But they seemed pretty plain and too curvy for Craftsman style (although the Ashfield would cost about 40% less than the other contenders). So we kept looking and stumbled on this Emtek Arts and Crafts style (which would also be satin nickel, as shown):

As lovely as these are, Emtek has nothing that looked right for the French doors to the back porch (neither did Kwikset), which means that we couldn't key all of the locks with the same key. Plus Steve isn't wild about the Arts and Crafts levers. While we were looking at Baldwin's selections for the back door, we found a good contender for all of the locks. The Soho isn't particularly Craftsman; it's a simple, modern-ish style, tending toward a more transitional style in the house (which is more appropriate given the very transitional kitchen and great room and the more modern master bath). The Baldwin option doesn't have a solution for the French doors, either, but I'm hopeful that they'll expand the Soho line in the future to include what we need.
The other down side of the Baldwin is that the front door set is more angular than I would choose (however, we would choose antique nickel for the exterior, which won't look quite so stark). Definitely more modern than I would like, and I'm not sure how it would look with the traditional Craftsman look of the front door.

So -- what do you think, dear reader? Ashfield? Arts and Crafts? Soho? Or some other option you saw somewhere that would be just perfect for us?


  1. Arts and crafts, for sure -- very nice. soho/Baldwin is too modern. That's my two cents!


  2. We're working on getting our hands on a real, live sample of the Soho to see just how modern it is. But I think the combination with Arts and Crafts for the front door will be the right choice.