21 December 2009

As Promised...Foundation Pictures!

There's a lot to update from this weekend, but not much is scheduled for this week, so I'll try to get caught up over the next few days.

This picture is from the back of the lot, looking toward the street. I got hung up at work and didn't get to the house until they had already poured the main area of the house and were waiting on more cement to pour the back bedroom. The truck you can (sort of) see in the background is the pumper truck, which the cement mixer truck would pour the concrete into to pump to the far reaches of the foundation.

The concrete truck arrived (the white blob in the background), and they sprung back into action.

Here is the plumbing for the back bathroom, showing various stages of Termi-Mesh coverage. The pipe in the middle still has its Termi-Mesh exposed, the pipe on the right is halfway covered, and the pipes on the left already have the Termi-Mesh embedded in the concrete. Did I mention that we get green building points for Termi-Mesh because it reduces the need for poisonous termite treatments in the future?

Here they've finished pouring the back bedroom and have moved on to the back porch. Since the porches are lower than the main floor, they pour them last. The concrete sets really fast (even in cool weather -- it was about 60 degrees on Friday, which is pretty ideal for pouring a foundation). Within a couple of hours of pouring the main floor, they were able to remove the forms on the left, which held the concrete a few inches higher than the patio level and which needed to be removed in order to pour the patio. In this picture, the worker is pouring the concrete into the exterior beam, which goes close to four feet into the ground and about three feet above (because the ground is lower at the back of the house).

Here are the steps leading from the back porch out to the backyard. When we decided to screen the porch, we extended it by two feet (from 8'x20' to 10'x20') so that it won't feel cramped with separate sitting and dining areas (plus a designated area for the grill).

It got dark around 5:30, so the workers set up lights and kept on working. They paid particular attention to smoothing the surface in the garage and porches because those areas will be exposed when the house is finished.

Here's the finished foundation, looking from the garage. (Our cars won't actually have to clear that lip at the front of the garage -- it's to support the first row of pavers.)

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