05 November 2009

Weeding is Kinda Meditative, or Weeding is Painful

I've never had a yard before, so I've never had weeds, so I've never done any weeding. Recently, though, I've done lots of weeding, and when the mosquitoes stay away, I'm finding it kind of enjoyable. (Of course, it would be more enjoyable if I didn't have to keep my yard tools in the back seat of my car.) Today I spent almost an hour pulling out the mutant 2' tall weeds in the front yard (part of my ongoing "good neighbor" initiative -- given all of the noise, etc. that they're going to have to put up with, I figure I can at least spare them some of the ugliness of a vacant lot). The time flew by, and it generated lots of "green" to balance out the "brown" of my ever-expanding compost pile. Toward the end, the palm of my shovel hand started to hurt, and when I looked at it, there was a huge blister on it. I promptly sent myself home, and now I have this weird, flat blister on my hand, which now hurts to fully open.

I really have no complaints about my day, though, because I picked up our building permit this morning (it only took 50 minutes to go from my office to the permit office, through the entire pick-up process plus two extra stops to look into the sidewalk situation, and back to my office!) AND we scheduled closing on the construction loan for next Friday, just before we leave for Hawaii. I'm still not totally confident that everything will go through with the loan next week, but it's a step in the right direction. If we do indeed sign next Friday, R's schedule has construction starting on my birthday. I love when things happen on my birthday (even when it's just something like a commercial announcing the end of a sale), and this would be the best "thing happening on my birthday" ever!

If we really sign next week, we would also have to make the first selections before we leave on our trip. Nothing exciting yet -- just things like the roofing color (galvalume), so he can order materials, and the bathtubs, so he can properly place the plumbing before pouring the slab. As you may have noticed, I'm more excited about the cosmetic selections, and I've also made an appointment next Tuesday at R's preferred tile shop. He works with about 6 tile suppliers (mostly manufacturers' shops), but one of them has an incredibly talented installer, and if I understand correctly, he can install tile from all of R's other shops. I need to confirm that, look at more tile and start getting prices, and also see if they can get tile from another store altogether, where I found this:

It's glass tile, and I think the colors would look great with the main granite in the kitchen, but we're not sure how it fits into the world of R's subs.

Oh, one more thing: while I was doing chores at the lot, my little buddy Schaefer drove by (with his dad) on his way from school to swim class. Too bad they're moving to England before the house is complete.

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