13 November 2009

R You Ready for Construction?

Today was a busy, busy day.

I left work at 8:15, as co-workers were still arriving, and headed toward the granite shop, where I paid for the kitchen slabs, compared them with the glass mosaic backsplash tile (not a match -- in person, the granite is more orange-y than I remembered), and had them chip off a corner so we could take a sample with us. Then it was off to AAA to get Hawaii maps on the way to the title company to close on the construction loan and sign the contract with R....

We feel so fortunate to have found him and owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friend/colleague Larry, one of the best real estate inspectors in the state. When I'm in need of information or a referral in any field related to construction, Larry is pretty much the beginning and the end of my search. It was upon his recommendation that I first met with R...and the rest is history. (It's probably overkill, but Larry will also be inspecting the house at various points in the construction.)

The construction schedule R gave us anticipated construction starting at the end of the month, but since our financing came together more quickly than he expected, he's planning to start on Monday! (I'm not so naive as to think that we should also move his May 15 completion estimate up two weeks -- delays due to weather and other factors are inevitable -- but it's nice to know that we're going to finish behind schedule by two weeks less than we otherwise would.)

After the title company, I rushed back to the office to try to get some things done before a meeting that I knew would last all afternoon. I've begun to realize that I have one of those -- what are they called? -- stressful jobs. Since the new boss started and I was promoted this fall, I haven't worked a single 40-hour week. By which I mean that I have exceeded 40 hours each week, which is unheard of in my work life. I have also never had to think about working or even checking my work e-mail while on vacation -- until now. It's a good stress, and I am engaged in my work and eager to do a good job with my projects, but I think this development signals a shift in my life. Hopefully the crazy business I've been experiencing is only temporary (getting ready for a 3-week vacation has been a huge part of the recent crunch), but even if it isn't, I still have a better work arrangement than pretty much any lawyer I know.

Side note: my job involves dealing with issues relating to real estate appraisers. Today I spent some time looking at a penalty matrix for appraisers who have complaints filed against them for, among other things, incompetent appraisals. Which is funny when you consider that the appraisal we received yesterday for our construction loan reported that our house will have 2.5 bathrooms and a carport, when in actuality it has 4 bathrooms and a 2-car garage. And the appraiser arrived at a suspiciously round number. At least he has a sense of humor -- his company name includes the word "accurate."

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