07 November 2009

Granite, Part II

We're way ahead of schedule in making decisions about paint, tile, etc., but one room that's become kind of a head-scratcher is Bath 2. This is the bathroom that's just off the great room, shared by the front and middle bedrooms. It's also the bathroom that (non-overnight) visitors will use. We bought this remnant for that bathroom:

This is a pretty small bathroom, with a smallish vanity, so the countertop won't be a huge visual element, but it will be a bold design feature of the room. We love the yellows, oranges, and reds in this granite (madura gold), but now that I've started thinking further about the rest of this room, I'm at a loss. The house's Craftsman style means lots of clean lines and simple details, and this rich granite suggests an Old World feel that isn't what we're aiming for (not because it's not beautiful, but it wouldn't fit with the rest of the house). The kitchen granite is also pretty rich -- that's why I want the glass tile backsplash to introduce a more modern, geometric feel, and I'm looking for a similar strategy to tie this countertop into a cleaner look for Bath 2.

The cabinet (two cabinets, actually -- there's also a linen closet) will be painted, but what color? I'm thinking about a medium beige-y yellow, but I'm not sure if there's a shade that would work with both the granite and the travertine we have in mind for the floor (typical light travertine, but in rows of 4", 6", and 8" planks). (And what if the color of the travertine doesn't work with the maple floors where they butts up together in the hallway?) Then there's the bathtub tile, and I have no ideas there.

So I guess the point of this post is that I'm open to suggestions for Bath 2. Oh, and my weeding injury is pretty unreal -- the blister is huge, and my hand is also bruised under the blister.

Note from the future: We ended up solving the bathroom decor problem by swapping the counters in the front and back (guest) bathrooms. And we painted all of the bathroom cabinets the same color as the trim throughout the house and didn't use any travertine anywhere. Click here to see how the granite pictured above worked out in the back bathroom and here to see the front bathroom in all its glory.

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  1. Not exactly Craftsman, but maybe this will give you some ideas (similar colors): http://ming-shan.livejournal.com/33154.html