01 November 2009

Granite, Part I

While waiting for final plans and final numbers, we've been trying to work on our cosmetic selections. We've actually made quite a few of them, although in most cases we will be able to change our minds for a few months, until the time comes to really commit to things like plumbing fixtures and paint. However, last week we found an opportunity that was too good to pass up, so we picked out and paid for most of our countertops.

In addition to a fabulous garden tour (I'm now dying to plant datura -- google it...although you may not be able to see its amazing black bark), we went on yet another home tour last weekend, where we learned that one of R's granite subcontractors was having a sale last week. Of his three granite subs, this is the only one that is at all conveniently located for us, and it turns out that they have a great granite yard with tons of remnants. We bought several remnants, all at terrific prices. One of them was this piece of vyara, from which our kitchen island will be cut:

Our island isn't nearly this big, so we will be able to use mostly the right side of this piece (more blue-grey; less orange). Steve has taken command of the kitchen design and decided that it would be nice if the island were a different granite from the rest of the kitchen. (I know what you're thinking: Whoa. Granite that doesn't match sounds pretty wild and crazy for Steve. But whenever Steve wants to step out and try something bold, decor-wise, I'm not going to say no.) So we went back to the granite yard two days later, hoping to find something that would coordinate with the vyara. This is a bit like buying ornate earrings and then trying to find an equally ornate outfit to wear with them, but somehow it worked -- when we saw this kashmir gold, we knew we had a match:

You should be able to click on the images to see close-ups, which will give you a better idea of the commonality between the vyara and the kashmir gold: blue-grey veining that looks like someone took a colored pencil to both of them. The kashmir gold isn't in remnants (in fact, it will take more than two full slabs to do all of the counters and the raised bar), but it was still on sale, and they promised to keep it as long as we need until it's time to install in the spring. You may say we're getting ahead of ourselves, but the budget on this project (to the extent that there ever was one) has gotten away from us, and we're thrilled to have found beautiful granite that will probably end up being one of the best values in the whole house.

Now we just have to find some kind of tile -- most likely glass mosaics -- for the kitchen backsplash. I had been thinking we would be looking for something with browns and reds; now we're starting the search process over in light of the yellows and greys of the kashmir gold.

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