11 November 2009

Getting Closer?

We met with our lawyer (my old construction law professor) today. R wanted no part of it, but I convinced him to come along as well, and it was for the best. A huge part of our lawyer's ultimate advice to us was based on talking with him and his answers to questions about his business and his construction practices (plus his reputation, which is excellent). R passed every test, and while our lawyer definitely doesn't love the state builders' association contract that we'll be using, he blessed the transaction nevertheless.

We're theoretically on track to close on our construction loan on Friday, which would mean that R would start working on Monday (beginning with things like getting the construction fence in place and ordering a porta-potty). With Thanksgiving coming up, I don't know how much would actually get done this month -- assuming that we actually close on Friday, which I'm still not counting on.

Assuming that we actually make the trek to the title company on Friday, I am going to stop by the granite yard on the way for two purposes: (1) to pay for the kashmir gold that we reserved a couple of weeks ago (we were waiting to see if R's builder discount would reduce his installation cost -- which it does, but just barely) and (2) to look at the kashmir gold with the glass mosaic tile sample I bought today. I hope it's a match!

To conclude with some show and tell, here is the window/door trim that our house will have.

We saw it in a spec home built by one of the other builders we considered, and we love its simplicity.

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