18 November 2009

Day 3

Today's progress:

The wooden forms will contain the concrete when the foundation is poured in a few weeks. This back corner (the master bathroom) is one of the lower points on the lot, so more of the foundation will be showing, but R put a lot of attention into lowering the ledge where the stone sits so that there is minimal concrete actually exposed.

In other news (although still on the subject of the house, as all of our news seems to be), our back neighbor called this morning to ask for a copy of our survey so that he can reclaim some land where our fence is encroaching onto his property (there used to be trees right on the property line that apparently prevented someone from putting the fence on the true property line). Since our own backyard is plenty big and we were planning to replace the fence anyway, this basically means that he's offering to do some of the hard labor for us. Fine by me!

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