14 October 2009

What's One Level Better Than the Best?

I've mentioned that our awesome neighbor John's tree lost several large branches on our lot in a recent storm. I e-mailed him last night (he was nice enough to give us a list of contact information for all of the neighbors) to let him know that, if he was planning to have an arborist clean up the broken limbs on the tree, we would be happy to pay for removal of the remaining branch that is still hanging over our lot. He responded that he was already planning to do that, and by this evening, tree trimmers were there taking care of it.

We're meeting R again on Sunday to take a look at some things he's doing on a remodel he's working on. We've also been trying to pin down some of our cosmetic selections (tile, countertops, etc.). I don't know how far we are from hammering out a final price or a contract, though.

We broke up with one of the other builders today. The easy one. I always feel like we're the first people in the history of business to decide not to use a given person/company, but obviously we're not, and they all seem to have developed a formulaic gracious response -- "thanks for considering us, good luck with the one you did choose, and let us know if we can help you in the future." (I guess that's only fair, since I write pretty formulaic "We've decided to go another direction, we appreciate your efforts, it was a pleasure working with you" break-up notes.) This time, the builder also added, "R is a great guy and will build you a great house," so that was nice.

Oh, and the water heater is up in the air again. R is looking into prices. We had thought solar water heaters were really pricey, but with city and federal rebates, that might be the way to go -- which would be really fun since I grew up with a solar water heater, so it would be like going back to my roots.

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  1. It's fun to see that you consider the Kailua solar water heater as part of your "roots." Having one less bill to pay is also a plus.