01 October 2009

This and That

I think things are starting to come together. Our yard work at the new house is going well.

Not really; these are our next door neighbor's oleander and roses. All of the blooms are conveniently on our side of the fence. We have been dutifully watering two hibiscus plants (altheas), but I think one was too far gone when we started, and while the other has perked up, it doesn't have any flowers yet.

While it remains to be seen how well we can keep plants alive, I am proving pretty adept at making dead stuff deader. This morning, as I was turning my compost pile, my finger accidentally brushed the pile (eew!), and it was really warm. That means it's working. Our secret ingredient is really doing the trick. (Bunny poops.)

We have also gotten some decent grass growing back in the front yard, and I expect it to continue as we get more rain. (There's more than it looks like, but I didn't have an airplane for an aerial shot. For a reminder of how dead the grass was right after demolition in August, click here.)

On the permit front, I made some good progress today. I got e-mail from our reviewer saying that, upon further reflection, we are only missing two things on our plans, instead of the 15 things he had said last week (which had included a pricey topographic survey). Our designer added the two things in a matter of minutes, and I e-mailed the new site plan to the reviewer. And so the waiting begins again, and other issues may arise before our application is approved, but at least we've moved the ball further up the field. The reviewer also told us that we passed flood plain review. Since we're currently living in a house that would have been torn down (to build a fabulous new house) had the property not failed flood plain review, it's nice to know that we've passed that hurdle on our project.

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