17 October 2009

One Marathon At a Time

Many triathletes default to running during the off season, and the last two years, I've been no exception. I've relaxed my race schedule this winter but have been planning to run the 3M half marathon in January. However, between working on the house and longer hours at work (I was recently promoted to general counsel for a subagency of my employer), I've only been running a few miles a week, and I was dreading the long runs that would be necessary to work up to 13.1. So today I decided on a different plan for this winter.

The 5k.

I'm not generally one to put my goals out there, but this time I will. I'd like to break 21 minutes in a 5k by the end of the season. At my peak last year I ran a 21:55; after easing up my training, I ran a pretty comfortable (probably too comfortable) 24:05 recently. So I'm going to try to find a 5k each month (not hard in Austin) with the goal of being back under 22 minutes by February and under 21 by April. I don't know how realistic that is. I'm basically a slow runner who has pushed the limits the last couple of years. But I refuse to believe that my 21:55 was the absolute fastest I could have run (despite nearly losing my breakfast at the finish line), so we'll see how much more speed I can find. First step: next weekend's Livestrong Challenge 5k in downtown Austin.

Oh, and for those of you whom I told I'd run 3M if you were going to...um, change of plans. But I'll be there cheering for you around mile 6 and will even bring you whatever food and/or beverage you want!

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