25 October 2009

Inching Forward

This week we had a meeting with R and our designer to make the final changes to the plans. There ended up being quite a few changes (nothing major), and we're still waiting on the final plans to get to the lender for an appraisal. We are also waiting for R's last revised bids from his subs so we can get a final number and sign on the dotted line. We continue to look for ideas and went on a pretty good home tour and terrific garden tour this weekend.

In other news, I set a PR (personal record) in the Livestrong 5k yesterday. Unfortunately, it wasn't a 5k PR because it wasn't really a 5k. I ran the first mile (downhill) in about 7:30, which I decided to adjust to 7:10 because of congestion at the start, but that ended up being irrelevant because I finished the second (uphill) mile in about 6:30 and the final 1.1 mile in another 6:30ish, which tells me that the course was far from true (the fastest mile I've ever run in my life was 6:46, so there's no way I did two miles under 6:30 pace). I would guess it was somewhere around 4.2 kilometers -- a distance I've never raced (hence the "PR"). I shouldn't be irritated at the Livestrong organization, who raised about $4 million for cancer research and support through the run and today's ride, but I am. Their 5ks the last two years have been great, and this one didn't live up.

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