19 October 2009


It felt like breaking up with that nice guy in high school who did nothing wrong except fall in love with a girl who didn't appreciate his love, but it's done.

We're now down to just R. Which feels great.

Wednesday we're meeting him and our designer (they've worked together many times before, which is also part of the appeal of R, although it was G who referred us to her). We'll be making the last (I hope) changes to the plans and are getting closer to a final number. R suggested yesterday that we might be able to sign a contract this week, but I think that's optimistic. We're still working on wood flooring (finished on-site, which is oh-so-lovely, versus pre-finished, which is more affordable and still nice, but...), a final cabinet number, interior doors, and a good bit more. And the Saga of the Water Heater continues. And we still need to meet with our lawyer. So it's more likely that the contract won't be signed until sometime next week, but hopefully we'll have plans printed and to the lender so they can start working on the appraisal this week. (I hope we don't get caught up in the backlog of all of the first-time homebuyers trying to close by the end of November for the $8,000 tax credit.)

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