03 October 2009

Can't Get Enough Demolition

I've been trying for a while to post a particularly exciting demolition video, but for some reason it won't upload. I've finally given up and instead give you this one, which is pretty cool. (The tree in the foreground was removed in two swift bites as the excavator rolled off of the truck.)

This week wrapped up with some good news on the property tax front. Our protest resulted in a reduction in value of almost $40,000. (Because the fire occurred after January 1, when values are set, it wasn't a basis for reducing the appraisal, but we succeeded in establishing that the house was overvalued even before the fire.) Taking into account some quirks in the way our exemptions apply this year, that translates to about a $600 reduction in the 2009 taxes. Not bad for two brief visits to the appraisal district office.

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