06 September 2009

We Really, Really Need a Mudroom

I think all of the rooms in our new house are going to be pretty fabulous, but the room I'm most looking forward to is the mudroom. More than one design professional tried to talk us out of having a mudroom, citing reasons like "we don't need a place to take off our overalls when we come in from the fields anymore" and "you'll never recoup the money you put into a mudroom." While technically accurate, these people didn't fully appreciate how great a mudroom is going to be for the way we live.

Steve proved the need for a mudroom this evening when he came home from swimming in the lake at our gym and promptly muddied the freshly laundered white bathmat in our master bathroom. How great would it have been if he could have rinsed his feet in the shower in the mudroom (between the garage and the house) on his way in?

Modeled after the locker room at our gym, the mudroom will be about the size of our master bathroom but will be tiled in slate or some other rugged, medium-to-dark flooring. Along the wall with the shower will be the washer and dryer (we just invested in a high-efficiency Whirlpool set; according to the energy label, the washer will only cost $11/year to operate!). Along the opposite wall will be cabinets and a series of cubbies (at least 15-20) for all of our swim, bike, and run gear. At the far end of the mudroom, a pocket door will open into a small powder room with a toilet and sink. The sink is essential for soaking wet swimsuits and tri suits, and the toilet will just be nice when nature calls while we're outside or working in the garage and don't want to have to come all the way into the house.

Living in a fairly small condo for nine years, and now an older house almost totally devoid of storage, we are thrilled at the prospect of storing like things together -- bike helmets with bike shoes and riding gloves, swimsuits with caps and goggles, running shoes with visors and ipods, and sunscreen with all of these things that take us out into the sun.

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