01 September 2009

Ohmigosh! Bunnies!

In a previous post, I mentioned the bunnies, whom we adopted while our purchase and sale were pending, but I can't believe I haven't posted any pictures of them yet. So, without further ado, here are Millie and Dash, enjoying their favorite hobby:

Yeah. Extraordinarily cute. We know. (If you look really close, you can see their tiny pink lips and sometimes even their little tongues.)

At the very beginning of the process of designing our house, we knew that a bunny room was essential. (There is talk of 2-4 more bunnies when we move in.) In fact, our first hint that the first architect we talked to wasn't right for us was that, after we made clear that we needed a bunny room open to the living room, she kept suggesting floor plans in which the bunnies would have gone in some back bedroom. Not acceptable. The plan on which our design is based had a smallish office right off of the living room, also visible from the entry, kitchen, and dining room (and just around the corner from the master bedroom). That office now appears on our plans as "Bunny Room."

These guys have had a rough life. How anyone could ever give them away is beyond us, but they were homeless when we met them, and we cannot wait to show them their new forever home.

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