21 September 2009


Maybe reason is prevailing at the permit office -- it's been seven days, and our application hasn't been rejected. Perhaps I was misinformed, and our application is just quietly being forwarded to flood plain review without the need to reject us. More likely, they just forgot to update the computer today, and my call to check on the status will remind them to get out their big, red "REJECT" stamp.

In unrelated news, I was sued at work last week. Nothing to worry about; just a very confused consumer, trying to avail herself of a recovery fund we administer, who apparently though I had told her that she had to sue me personally in order to get her application for payment processed. (FYI, dear reader, the way to get me to help you out is pretty much never going to be to sue me.) Fortunately, I have the best law firm in the state (the Attorney General's office) representing me, and it will all be taken care of soon. But seriously, people, don't sue someone and then call the person you just sued to ask for advice in your lawsuit against that person. It's just common sense.

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