19 August 2009

Weekend Update

I'm leaving for Alabama for a triathlon this weekend, but I wanted to fill in our fans (do we have more than one?...maybe just "fan") on what's gone on this week.

Today we received a "final" set of plans to bid. I put "final" in quotes because we all know it's not final, but it's close enough to send out for bids. We'll continue to hone the plans as our whim and our budget dictate. First, though, we're getting the bid set printed up and will hopefully meet with our three prospective builders next week to deliver the plans and our list of specifications so they can start getting their bids from their subcontractors.

Soil samples should be taken tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss that. I'm curious about the equipment used to extract a narrow, 15-foot long cylinder of earth, and I'm curious about what that cylinder of earth actually looks like. I'm also, of course, curious about what that cylinder of earth -- two of them, actually -- will reveal about our lot, since that will dictate how sturdy (and by "sturdy," I mean "expensive") our foundation will have to be.

That's all for now. Maybe we can post some of our drawings, but that will have to be after I get back from Alabama. (The picture at the top of the blog, by the way, was our starting point for our plans and is very similar to how our house will look from the street, but we have made certain changes, most notably the metal roof. If we get really proficient at Photoshop, we may try to update that rendering to reflect our actual house.)

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