12 August 2009

Demolition, Day 3

All of the debris was hauled away today. Our excavator, Tim, is very skilled with the claw. He was nice enough to pose for a picture this afternoon:

By the end of the day, all that was left was the foundation. The ball-like object toward the left side is used to break up the foundation. I think Tim said it weighs 4,000 pounds. He picks it up in the claw, raises it up, and drops it. I haven't seen it in action yet, but much of the foundation has already been reduced to rubble.

We have also taken out a total of five and a half trees. Don't get me wrong; we're not tree haters. We just had really unfortunate trees. The two in front and one in the middle of the backyard were all in very poor condition, and the three along the back fence line were directly under the power lines and had been pruned so completely on the side closest to the power lines that they each leaned dangerously in the other direction (plus two of them had some kind of black mold tree disease). Yesterday, the power company's pruning crew came out and chopped them down to below the power lines (they wouldn't remove them but agreed to cut them down to the point that they would be safe for someone else to finish the job), and then the claw pulled them out of the ground. The third one still had a big branch extending out over our back neighbor's lot, and it would have snagged the power lines if Tim had tried to pull it out, so we decided to leave it for now. It's already much safer (and it doesn't have the tree disease).

It's funny how the lot, and the original foundation, seem so much smaller once they're cleared. We have to remind ourselves that it's a huge lot (80x130) and can easily accommodate a 2,250 square foot house with plenty of yard to spare.

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